We empower affiliates to maximize their earning potential, drive clinical quality and provide exceptional patient care through close collaboration between our business resources and your office. With our expert team, you can be assured your office will be positioned to grow and thrive all while maintaining the individuality that makes your office unique.

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Human Resources Support

We make Human Resources simple by taking the management of it off your plate. Our goal is to foster a healthy team environment and strong practice culture that encourages excellent patient care, professional growth, retention, and employee satisfaction. We enhance the efficiency of your office by managing:

  • Personnel management & Performance reviews
  • Employee incentive programs
  • Recruitment, Development & Succession Planning
  • Provider Training & Continuing Education
  • Health & Wellness benefits
  • Vacation scheduling, time tracking, & paid time off

Information Technologies

As technology advances, IT, digital security and leveraging artificial intelligence continue to grow and are a critical factor in the success of your practice. We provide solid, effective IT support, administering services including: 

  • Practice management and imaging system support
  • Hardware management & network support
  • Data and network security
  • System protection and monitoring
  • Dedicated internal IT department and Helpdesk

We also ensure your office runs smoothly with network solutions, software maintenance and licensing, secure WIFI access and HIPAA Compliance.


Clinical Support Services

At CORDENTAL Group, being a dentist-centric DSO means providing ongoing support to our clinicians. From new doctor onboarding to integrations of AI within our practices, we believe a thoughtful and collaborative approach leads to better dentistry for our patients and our providers. Our Clinical Support Services bring our clinicians together for:

  • New Dentist Orientation
  • Mentorship
  • Advanced Dentistry Training
  • Continuing Education Support
  • Treatment Planning & Presentation Training

Reimbursement & Revenue Analytics 

The ability to effectively manage billing and collections can be one of the most tedious aspects of any dental practice. Doing so effectively is critical to maximize your revenue and that’s where we come in. We work in collaboration with your office team to ensure you are being paid for the valuable work that you do, whether the reimbursement is through third-party insurance or self-pay patients.

We also believe a successful practice keeps a close eye on trends and data in order to optimize processes. Our revenue analytics ensure your practice is on track and positioned for success for years to come.

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Payor Contracting

The process of maintaining credentialing with payers is tedious and time-consuming, yet a requirement in order to get paid for services rendered. Our team creates a database for each provider that allows us to seamlessly complete the credentialing and re-credentialing process with payers. Expiration dates for required documents are tracked to ensure we always have current documentation and can submit to payers in a timely manner. Furthermore, our team can assist with analyzing payer agreements to determine if rates are satisfactory to our providers. If they are, then the team manages the contracting process to ensure our providers are in-network with the right payers. All of this ensures the Billing and Collections team have the ability to seamlessly bill and collect for the services provided.

Marketing & Brand Management

Effective marketing establishes your brand, grows your practice and enhances your reputation within your community. We work with you to understand your market, the unique attributes of your practice and your business needs in order to develop a marketing plan that is comprehensive and effective.

For most practices, an effective strategy means leveraging a mix of marketing tactics which and can include:

  • Social media
  • Online reputation & review management
  • Website development & Search Engine Optimization
  • Mass media advertising
  • Patient Engagement & Online Scheduling
  • Google Business management
  • Digital marketing

Credentialing & Provider Data Management

The Credentialing and Provider Data Management team works closely with each new doctor to complete the credentialing process as they join the CORDENTAL Group team. The process of provider credentialing can be tedious and time-consuming, but it is a required part of being a dentist. Our team assumes the responsibility from the doctor by creating a credentialing profile for each provider, and then maintaining the profile in our credentialing database. This process allows us to seamlessly complete the credentialing and re-credentialing processes with payers. All provider credentials are monitored in real time for upcoming renewals to ensure we always have current documentation. This information is available to payers via real time downloads or manual request processing, which is handled by our team. The Credentialing and Provider Data Management team also oversees all professional liability insurance needs for the doctors and practices, including new coverage, renewals, and additional services.

Facilities & Capital Operations 

We recognize a facility that is fresh, up to date and in good working order is important to both the patient experience and your employee satisfaction and impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of your office. Often, it’s the small details that over time can add up to major frustration if not addressed. We work with you to ensure your office is comfortable for your patients and meets your expectations – inside and out.

From diagnostic technologies to signage and facilities management, our team works with you to understand your needs and ensure you and your team have the equipment you need to care for your patients.

Finance & Accounting

Effectively understanding the finances of your practice is critical to your long-term success yet can be a very time-consuming aspect of running a practice. Our centralized accounting offers you a team of highly qualified experts to help ensure your business is running as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. Our accounting services help maintain your office’s:

  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Development
  • Accounts Payable
  • Practice Optimization 
  • Purchasing leverage

Affiliate Practices